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At Real Deals for You, we are proud to have the industry’s biggest names on board - with every brand from Stabila to SCAN bringing something unique to the table. So, whether you’re in need of expert measuring devices or the ultimate safety wear, discover which manufacturers are equipped with the right tools to take on your specific task or requirement!

If you’re looking to MEASURE…turn to STABILA.

Connected to the building industry for over 100 years, Stabila has paved the way for innovation in measuring equipment – developing numerous patents, while demanding the highest levels of quality throughout its extensive history.

Thanks to the its innovation, Stabila has become not only a market leader in Germany, but one of the most important manufacturers of folding rules, spirit levels and laser-assisted measuring instruments in the world. So, if you’re looking to measure up, Stabila has well and truly earned its stripes!

If you’re looking for LIGHTING…turn to LIGHTHOUSE.

Whether on the site or on the move, Lighthouse is your go-to lighting brand, with a range of products for all applications - from dependable lamps to elite torches and headlights.

To complement its incredible selection of torches, Lighthouse also offers a great choice of superior quality batteries to keep them charged for every occasion! Just a few of the reasons why Lighthouse continues to shine.

If you’re looking for WORKWEAR…turn to SCAN.

Prioritising user comfort and long-lasting service, SCAN caters for the demands of professional users and DIY enthusiasts – protecting them in the most extreme environments.

From building and construction to maintenance and associated industries, its range is designed to ensure your safety where personal protection is either required or recommended. When it comes to DIY, you’re always better safe than sorry! So put your faith in SCAN for every task.

While there may be over 2,000 RD4U Approved Stockists across the UK and Ireland, all are united by the same goal: to deliver the best in-store shopping experience!

In an increasingly digital world, why is this so important? Let’s explore why you should visit your closest stockist and #shoplocal.

Get expert advice

While online retail has changed the game, nothing beats the real life shopping experience. Walking into a store, you’re not only greeted by a friendly face - but you can gain valuable insight from genuine experts, who have years of industry experience under their belts. All of which makes finding the right tool that little bit easier!

Guarantee best value

When you buy from your local RD4U Approved Stockist, you can rest assured that you’re accessing all the latest products from the most respected brands - at the fairest possible prices. Our commitment to delivering best value means you can save big while shopping local!

Support your community

Small businesses empower communities to grow - creating new job opportunities, as well as investing back into their area. Our network of independent RD4U Approved Stockists not only bring quality and value to your doorstep – but are essential to keeping your local trade industry booming.

Ready to shop local? Click here to find your closest RD4U Approved Stockist.

Spring is on its way, and we’re back with the biggest brands and an all-new collection! From punchy power tools to top-of-the-range gardening gear, we have everything you need to give your toolkit a refresh – there’s something for everyone!

Liberon Clear Decking Oil 5 Litre

After a long winter, your decking may need a little TLC. This Liberon Decking Oil is ideal for feeding, protecting and enhancing the natural beauty of most types of timber - restoring the colour back to its best! You can also use it on fences, garden sheds, gates and hot tubs, so it really is a ‘jack of all trades’ product. Plus, it contains UV filters to reduce fading from the sun, so you’re all set for summer…

HiKOKI 240V 115mm Angle Grinder, Diamond Blade & Case

With a powerful 240V motor, this HiKOKI Angle Grinder delivers across a multitude of applications - taking on various finishing tasks, as well as removing castings with ease. Not only does it have excellent overload durability and a top mounted on/off switch, it also features ‘no voltage’ restart protection, so the tool doesn’t keep turning off when the power is temporarily cut. Result!

Irwin ViseGrip Groovelock Water Pump ProTouch™ Handle Pliers

Designed with twice the number of groove positions as traditional groove joint pliers, these Irwin devices really go the extra mile - ensuring optimal hand and jaw positioning for superior grip.

The ‘Press-n-Slide’ feature also enables you to quickly adjust the lower jaw – quite literally, at the click of a button! And they’re not just comfortable - they’re also super multi-functional, gripping onto flat, round, hexagon and square workpieces with no problems.

WD-40® Multi-Use Product Aerosol 600ml

An all year-round essential, WD-40 displaces moisture and protects against rust and corrosion, so you can give your garden gear a refresh - especially if it’s been collecting dust during the winter! It also removes grease and grime from most surfaces, so you can keep your equipment spik and span.

And if you like what you see, there’s plenty more where that came
from – explore the full Spring range!

Soaring gas prices mean we’re all looking for more effective and affordable ways to stay warm this winter. However, lighting the fire isn’t always as easy as it looks – and preparing the firewood takes far more than simply swinging an axe or firing up a chainsaw!

Everything from equipment choice and usage to seasoning and storage are all key factors to consider when trying to chop top quality logs. That’s why we’re thrilled that Roughneck has put together this quick and simple guide to cutting and splitting firewood, with a number of handy tips for getting your logs fire-ready!

Read Roughneck’s ‘Rough Guide to Cutting & Splitting’ here:

1346_RN_Rough Guide_Cutting&Splitting

And if you like what you see, you can learn more about the brand and explore our extensive range of Roughneck products!

Our Real Deals for You Christmas promotion is in full swing, and we’re excited to show you our essentials for measuring up around the house, workshop or building site!

Whether you’re looking to cut materials to size, hang a picture or simply check your brickwork is level, we have the tool for you…

Stanley Pro Level Triple Pack

Offering a choice of 250mm, 600mm and 1,200mm levels, this triple pack provides the right level for any application – be it scaffolding, bricklaying or other!

Both STANLEY® FatMax® Pro Box Beam Spirit Levels deliver an impressive 20% magnification for ±0.5mm/m easy read accuracy in 8 different orientations – so no matter how the level is positioned, you can get a true reading every time! While they may be 5x stronger than any other Stanley level, their aluminium body also helps to keep them lightweight and super easy-to-use.

The STANLEY® FatMax® Pro Torpedo Level also provides the same accuracy reading, as well as a 180-degree rotating vial to duplicate angles. Fitted with a magnetic base, this product is also handy for hands-free levelling on metal surfaces, making it ideal for scaffolders!

Crescent Lufkin 8m (26ft) Shockforce Double-Sided Tape

Not only does this tape have both metric and imperial graduations, it also includes a vertical quick-read scale on the underside – perfect when taking overhead or hard-to-reach measurements!

The matt nylon blade also helps to extend product life, as well as reduce glare – fitted with a diamond coated end hook to prevent slippage and help give accurate, reliable readings from all directions.

MarXman Marking Pen Twin Pack

Marking almost any surface, these pens are essential when trying to fix holes or pinpoint precisely where to hang something around the house or on site – making them the perfect measuring companion!

Recommended for fixing holes greater than 45mm deep, the Deep Hole Marking Tool includes a special nozzle which helps to shoot the pigment further and more accurately – plus, the pigment is completely wipeable, so you never have to worry about it staining!

The Standard (green) marking tool also contains 250+ bursts of removal pigments, so it’s perfect for fixing holes up to 45mm deep – including shelf brackets and cupboard fixings!

Want more where that came from? Explore all the fantastic new tools which are part of our iconic Christmas promotion!

Explore this year’s digital consumer leaflets below to browse our fantastic product range online!

Available with both Sterling and Euro prices, these leaflets showcase the incredible tools and accessories which you can enjoy this festive season - some of which have been individually linked to handy product demonstration videos that explain how you can get the most from your purchase!

Flick through page by page to see what’s in store for 2021…


Sterling RD4U21 Trade Leaflet


From premier scissors and snips to specialty trade tools, Crescent Wiss® is known for their extensive range of quality cutting products – making them any tradesperson’s first choice for trimming materials or tidying the garden!

As a leading brand in aviation snips, and a brand on our annual Real Deals for You Christmas campaign, Crescent Wiss® continues to design incredible products which deliver on performance and durability – and their latest range is no exception.

Back with a brand-new collection, Crescent Wiss® has added the following high-quality shears to their line – each featuring superior ergonomics and a market-leading force to cut!

• CW5T – Electrician/Data Scissors

• CW7T - Utility Shears

• CW812S – All-Purpose Scissors

• CW10T – Professional Shears

• CW10TM – Tradesman Shears

• CW11TM – Spring-Loaded Tradesman Shears

To learn more about Crescent Wiss® and their fantastic new products, click here: http://ow.ly/5uu550G9uvi

When you think fixings and fasteners, you think ForgeFix – one of the UK’s leading distributors of known fixings and fastener brands, and a fantastic addition to our annual Real Deals for You Christmas campaign!

Since establishing in 1991, ForgeFix has become well-known for delivering quality products and exceptional levels of service – offering over 5,000 different product lines, to support all aspects of the trade industry!

And as specialists in electrical fixings and fasteners, ForgeFix has put together its essential selection of products from the best in the business – including world-class brands such as Spectre, TechFast, and Fixings and Fasteners.

Chosen by the experts for the experts, browse through the brochure below, to discover what you need to add to your collection!

ForgeFix Electrical Essentials_May21

Faithfull has been a stockist favourite ever since Real Deals for You began, and we are proud to offer such a vast selection of their fantastic products all year-round. And this July, there’s plenty more where that came from, with Faithfull launching a series of incredible new tools and accessories to make their summer collection the best yet!

Featuring everything from all-new hardpoint handsaws and powerful LED lights, to improved PTA sets and heavy-duty essentials, browse the brochure below to find out what’s in store from the Faithfull brand – with a sneak peek into the products that are still yet to come!

Decorating, DIY, tile cutting – you name it! Faithfull has got you covered.

NPD_Summer 2021_Sterling_Digital

Brand Focus: Faithfull

Faithfull tools are made to tradesmen’s standards, by craftsmen who meet the demanding Faithfull criteria for the design and quality of each individual item. All Faithfull non-electrical tools are guaranteed for a period of FIVE years against faulty materials or workmanship, and any tradesman or regular DIY tool user can be confident that the care and quality control behind every Faithfull product is designed to ensure a long and dependable service. Faithfull tools are ideal for the discerning tool buyer who prefers lower prices than those associated with some well-known brands, but who is not prepared to compromise too much, if at all, on product quality and reliability!

Based in London and Manchester, Fix Media is the go-to radio for builders everywhere, with over 1 million tradespeople tuning in every week. Here, you can catch the Painting and Decorating Show on Tuesdays from 6pm, which hones in all the best DIY products and tricks of the trade - including FrogTape®!

Linking up with Fix Radio for the 1st time, Shurtape will be playing their new FrogTape® advert live on the radio between 1st February and the end of April, so tune in to hear all about the UK's number one masking tape - the only one to feature Paint Block Technology, which works to prevent paint bleed and achieve those super sharp lines, first and every time! You’ll also hear all about the latest competitions and trade store tours on air, so don’t forget to turn on Fix Radio - live on Tuesdays from 6pm!

And if you can’t wait, catch the new advert right here:

Now that summer is on its way, barbeque season is upon us. So, with this in mind, it’s time to kick your patio and decking into shape – whether it be sprucing them up with a lick of paint or blasting away the cobwebs with our extensive range of pressure washers – so you can create the perfect space to enjoy the sunshine at home.

Let’s start with the decking. Although it may look the part, it’s no secret that the upkeep can be strenuous – particularly after a wet winter, where heavy rainfall can lead to severe colour fade or a build-up of mud and grime. Luckily, keeping your decking looking its best has never been easier - thanks to the Rustins Decking Cleaner, capable of removing dirt, grease and stains and keeping your decking spick and span.

And with a quick spring clean out of the way, it’s now time to revive and restore your woodwork with the Liberon Decking Oil – ideal for feeding, protecting and enhancing the natural beauty of your timber decking and ultimately bringing it back to life. What’s more, the Wagner Fence and Decking Sprayer makes all paints, oils and stains super quick and easy to apply, so you can get back to relaxing in the garden…

It’s fair to say that patios also require a little TLC too. If you’ve neglected your patio and have let weeds or algae grow up over time, simply reach for the Everbuild Patio Wizard Concentrate which gets straight to work breaking down all greenery – without any need to wash off, scrub or pressure wash away.

And to keep your patio protected from any water damage (we know how UK summers can be), the Everbuild Path & Patio Seal is on hand to protect from general wear and tear, including water, sunlight, oil and petrol. So, come rain or shine this season, we’ve got you covered!

If it’s versatility you’re after, the Roughneck Patio & Decking Brush Set can be used on either patio or decking, and provides all you need to keep them squeaky clean – from
a heavy-duty scrubbing brush for cleaning larger areas, to a compact angled brush, best suited to reaching smaller gaps.

And if you’re in need of a little more power to pack a punch, the Karcher K2 Full Control Home Pressure Washer comes complete with a full control lance and trigger gun, to blast away all dirt, cobwebs and more. In fact, with the amount of build-up that occurs on patios and decking, yours may come out an entirely different colour than expected!

Garden maintenance needn’t be boring, and our extensive range of outdoor cleaning and treatment equipment makes sure to get the job done in as quick, simple and efficient a way possible. Now the sunshine has made an appearance, take the time to transform your decking and patio – so you can make the most of the season ahead!

Explore our range of outdoor maintenance and cleaning products here, as well as our exterior wood treatments for decking.

It looks like we’re in for at least a few weeks of staying inside. But although we may not venture much further than our own front door, that’s not to say we can’t enjoy the escape of our own back garden. So, with this in mind, we’ve prepared a few tips for how to get the most out of your garden during this chaotic time – and ultimately stay productive while self-isolating.

Spring Clean

The start of the season calls for a spring clean - whether you’re stuck at home or not! Organise with our Faithfull Flex Tubs, or why not dust away the cobwebs (or the leaves) with the Einhell 2500W 3-in-1 Blower Vacuum & Shredder? Clean garden, clean mind and all that…

Apply a Fresh Coat

If you’re looking after the kids or working from home, the garden shed may be the place to escape to for some peace and quiet – so get it into shape! The non-stop rain over the last few months has probably left your shed and fence looking rather washed-out – so now’s the perfect time to bring them back to life, with a lick of the Cuprinol Shed and Fence Protector. And if you’re handy with a paintbrush, spruce up your garden furniture with the Liberon Garden Furniture Oil, or give your decking a refresh using the Liberon Decking Oil.

Cook From Your Own Produce

With garden chemicals such as the Doff Tomato Feed, you can watch your homegrown fruit and veg thrive under improved soil conditions. Reap the rewards of your own garden, and enjoy fresh and healthy produce - straight from your back yard. Growing your own greens also provides the perfect incentive to impress with a home-cooked meal – whilst giving you an activity to occupy your time. And it’s sure to taste better, knowing that it’s come from the fruits of your own labour…

Look Out for Wildlife

The companionship of a pet is not to be underestimated. And without a buzzing social life to fall back on, it’s time to get back to nature and make your garden a welcome space for wildlife. From bird feeders to hedgehog huts, it’s a great way to keep the kids entertained too. And bees are also beneficial for your garden, so it’s win, win!

Use Time to Your Advantage

Now we have all this time on our hands, it’s time to watch the grass grow – literally! Nourish your lawn with the Doff Fast Growing Lawn Seed and you could see vast improvements to your garden. And those things you never have time to do – watering the plants, de-weeding the flowerbed, trimming the hedge – but “never have time”, now’s the opportunity to get them sorted…

To make the most of your garden, explore our range of world-class brands to find the right product for you.
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