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Everyday Essentials: Paint Like a Pro

May, 24
By Real Deals For You

May is the season of Bank Holidays, which means there’s all the more time to get creative with your DIY!

And in the spirit of creativity, we’ve curated our most weird and wonderful painting essentials that should come in extra handy when you’re picking up a paintbrush over the weekend – whether you’re freshening up the fences, coating the decking or adding a pop of colour to the walls!

You may not find them at your local Real Deals for You Approved Stockist, but trust us when we say, these unexpected everyday items are essential to upping your painting and decorating game!

Elastic Band

Things can get super messy when paint starts dripping down the sides of the can! So before you begin, try stretching an elastic band right over the centre of the tin and wiping off excess paint on this instead, as opposed to the edges.

Petroleum Jelly

May sound strange but if you want to avoid getting paint on certain areas, like your door handles or hinges, layer them up with petroleum jelly. This will stop the paint from sticking, so even if you splatter them with the odd drop, you can just wipe it straight off. Simple!

Cling Film

Nothing worse than when you’re set to make a start, only to find the paint rollers are rock-hard and drenched in paint from their last use. So when you’re finished for the day or just taking a breather between coats, make sure to cover them up in cling film to keep them from drying. In other words, remember to WRAP so you can ROLL!

Fabric Conditioner

If it’s too late for the cling film and your brushes are already in desperate need of saving, swiftly reach for the fabric conditioner under the sink to give them a quick soak. Just a cap full alongside some warm water should breakdown the most stubborn residue in less than a couple of minutes, so you can get back on track.

We want to hear your proven painting hacks! Join the discussion over on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and tell us exactly what everyday items you rely on to tackle your DIY.

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