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Jokari FZK Automatic Wire Strippers – Expert Demo and Review

Jun, 17
By Real Deals For You | 

Here at Real Deals for You, we’re huge fans of the Jokari range, and we recently helped Electrician Courses 4U (EC4U) by carrying out a product demo for their customers at the EC4U Electrical Training Centre. We’ll tell you more about that shortly, and see what specialist trainers EC4U themselves think of this product, but let’s start off by answering one key question . . .

So who is Jokari anyway?

As a market-leading German brand, Jokari is renowned in the industry for its specialism in wire stripping and dismantling technology. But it’s not a brand that is too well known in the UK market – making it very much the electrician’s ‘best kept secret’. The full product range includes more than 80 different types of stripping tools, which are lightweight, easy to use and very strong - designed for professionals who will be using them day in, day out for many years.

Jokari has over half a century of experience in developing innovative, easy to use tools for professional electricians - all of which are made in Germany, and are designed to improve the speed and safety of just about any process that involves wires and cables. Similar tools are available to buy in the marketplace of course - but in EC4U’s opinion, none of them quite compare to Jokari’s quality and performance.

And who is EC4U?

Electrician Courses 4U is a specialist training organisation that provides quality training exclusively for the electrical market. Its courses are designed for people who are learning from scratch, and those who want to enhance existing knowledge and skill. So when it comes to tools like these, their team really can be trusted to know what’s what.

EC4U’s experienced electrical trainers have been supporters of the Jokari brand for many years, and this is one of the brands that they use regularly in their training centre - because Jokari products get the job done fast, with consistent performance and precise cuts. So the EC4U team asked us to come in and demonstrate a selection of products for their customers – with a key focus on the FZK Automatic Wire Strippers in particular.

jokari-tool-demonstration-at-ec4u-3Images courtesy of Electrician Courses 4U

Jokari FZK Automatic Wire Strippers

This is a product which EC4U’s electrical trainer swears by, and he has previously given them a 5* review – describing them as an ‘essential, must-have tool’ for electricians, and stating that they were the best on the market! The FZK Automatic Wire Strippers are a quick and efficient way to strip cables, which considerably speeds up installation time, enabling tradesmen to get far more done in a day.

It’s vitally important that wires are stripped safely, and that means having the right tools for the job. If wires are frayed, there is a risk of overheating – which will damage the conductor and the fraying strands, reducing the efficiency of the cable, and also possibly leading to dangerous and unsafe cables. As EC4U puts is, “A good pair of cable strippers is an essential tool for electricians, so finding a reliable, quality product is extremely important.”

According to EC4U, although Jokari’s FZK Automatic Wire Strippers feature automatic cable size adjustment, they are best suited for twin and earth cables. Having said that, trainers also use them on singles, and on 3 and 5 core flex, and have found they work just as well - allowing inner cables to be stripped two or three at a time, and helping to speed up the job.

In summary, this is what EC4U’s trainers had to say to anyone who is thinking of buying a pair:

“You are sure to get the job done quicker as these cable strippers make everything easier and most importantly, cleaner. Our customers were definitely impressed with the tools demonstrated and their capabilities, and so will you be!”


Product features

Jokari’s FZK Automatic Wire Strippers automatically adjust to the diameter of the cable or wire that is being stripped, and will not damage the inner insulation or conductor. Both the outer and inner wire insulation is quickly removed, in just two clicks, making it possible to strip wires for installation of sockets and switches literally in seconds. They are suitable for:

• Two or three core flat twin and earth cables of 0.75mm to 2.5mm diameter
• Two, three or four core round flex, up to 8mm diameter
• Stranded conductors of up to 10mm diameter

Key features include:

• PVC sheathed and insulated
• Easy to grip and use
• Unlimited stripping range
• Automatic cable size adjustment
• Interchangeable, hardened blades
• Built-in wire bending hole

Whatever you’re looking for, remember to visit your local Real Deals for You Stockist for loads of great deals on the electrical tools and materials you need to do the job. And if you liked this post and you’re into social media, please share it! It’s how we all learn more about our industry, and the latest products that will save us time and money.

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