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Level Up: Our Top Tools for Accurate Measuring!

Oct, 21
By Real Deals For You

Our Real Deals for You Christmas promotion is in full swing, and we’re excited to show you our essentials for measuring up around the house, workshop or building site!

Whether you’re looking to cut materials to size, hang a picture or simply check your brickwork is level, we have the tool for you…

Stanley Pro Level Triple Pack

Offering a choice of 250mm, 600mm and 1,200mm levels, this triple pack provides the right level for any application – be it scaffolding, bricklaying or other!

Both STANLEY® FatMax® Pro Box Beam Spirit Levels deliver an impressive 20% magnification for ±0.5mm/m easy read accuracy in 8 different orientations – so no matter how the level is positioned, you can get a true reading every time! While they may be 5x stronger than any other Stanley level, their aluminium body also helps to keep them lightweight and super easy-to-use.

The STANLEY® FatMax® Pro Torpedo Level also provides the same accuracy reading, as well as a 180-degree rotating vial to duplicate angles. Fitted with a magnetic base, this product is also handy for hands-free levelling on metal surfaces, making it ideal for scaffolders!

Crescent Lufkin 8m (26ft) Shockforce Double-Sided Tape

Not only does this tape have both metric and imperial graduations, it also includes a vertical quick-read scale on the underside – perfect when taking overhead or hard-to-reach measurements!

The matt nylon blade also helps to extend product life, as well as reduce glare – fitted with a diamond coated end hook to prevent slippage and help give accurate, reliable readings from all directions.

MarXman Marking Pen Twin Pack

Marking almost any surface, these pens are essential when trying to fix holes or pinpoint precisely where to hang something around the house or on site – making them the perfect measuring companion!

Recommended for fixing holes greater than 45mm deep, the Deep Hole Marking Tool includes a special nozzle which helps to shoot the pigment further and more accurately – plus, the pigment is completely wipeable, so you never have to worry about it staining!

The Standard (green) marking tool also contains 250+ bursts of removal pigments, so it’s perfect for fixing holes up to 45mm deep – including shelf brackets and cupboard fixings!

Want more where that came from? Explore all the fantastic new tools which are part of our iconic Christmas promotion!

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