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New for July: Explore the Faithfull Summer 2021 Collection!

Jul, 21
By Real Deals For You

Faithfull has been a stockist favourite ever since Real Deals for You began, and we are proud to offer such a vast selection of their fantastic products all year-round. And this July, there’s plenty more where that came from, with Faithfull launching a series of incredible new tools and accessories to make their summer collection the best yet!

Featuring everything from all-new hardpoint handsaws and powerful LED lights, to improved PTA sets and heavy-duty essentials, browse the brochure below to find out what’s in store from the Faithfull brand – with a sneak peek into the products that are still yet to come!

Decorating, DIY, tile cutting – you name it! Faithfull has got you covered.

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Brand Focus: Faithfull

Faithfull tools are made to tradesmen’s standards, by craftsmen who meet the demanding Faithfull criteria for the design and quality of each individual item. All Faithfull non-electrical tools are guaranteed for a period of FIVE years against faulty materials or workmanship, and any tradesman or regular DIY tool user can be confident that the care and quality control behind every Faithfull product is designed to ensure a long and dependable service. Faithfull tools are ideal for the discerning tool buyer who prefers lower prices than those associated with some well-known brands, but who is not prepared to compromise too much, if at all, on product quality and reliability!

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