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7 Piece Multi-Tool Blade Set


£14.16 Excl. VAT

RRP: £49.99
Product Details

This Faithfull Multi-Function Tool Blade Set contains a selection of the most popular blades for cutting wood, man-made boards, metal, cutting and grinding ceramics, stone, and removing grout applications. Compatible with several multi-function oscillating power tools. Includes a shim adaptor for cordless machines.

The 34mm and 68mm Flush-Cut Wood Blade Side Sets have a broad range of applications, both with ground, side set hardened teeth. Quick cutting performance guaranteed in soft wood, plastics, plasterboard, plastic pipes and similar materials.

The HSS wavy set teeth on these Flush-Cut Wood / Metal 22mm Bi-Metal Blades make them ideal for sawing wood, copper and aluminium pipes, sheet metal, plastics and profiles. Ideal for many flush cutting applications and plunge cutting in plasterboard.

The wavy set teeth on this Radial Wood / Metal 87mm Bi-Metal Blade make it ideal for sawing wood, copper and aluminium pipes, sheet metal, plastics and profiles. Ideal for cutting veneered and laminated boards as well as parquet in flooring and partition wall applications.

The Carbide Grit Sawblade had a broad range of applications with carbide grit edge. Cuts tiles, plaster, porous concretes and similar construction materials. Can be used for cutting out damaged tile joint and cutting grooves in plaster, porous concrete and similar construction materials.

Contents & Features


  • 2 X Flush-Cut Wood Blade Side Set 34mm CRV
  • 1 X Flush-Cut Wood Blade Side Set 68mm CRV
  • 2 X Flush-Cut Wood / Metal Blade 22mm Bi-Metal
  • 1 X Radial Blade Wood / Metal 87mm Bi-Metal
  • 1 X Carbide Grit Sawblade 65mm

Backed by the best in the business for all professional and DIY requirements.

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