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Seasonal Secrets: Top Gardening Tips

Jul, 23
By Real Deals For You

‘Tis the season to get out in the garden, but what do you need to know before going all green fingers? Keep reading to find out what you should look out for at this time of year!

Make the Cut

While the sun is shining, trim your perennials so they stay in bloom! By cutting the shoot back by approximately a third, you can help to improve the strength of the plant, so it's more likely to stick around throughout the seasons...

Watch How Much You Water

Think before your plants drink! If your flowers are looking a bit droopy then give them a good glug of H20 but be careful of overwatering, especially if the soil is healthy! Oh and plants like a drink in the morning or in the evening.

Dead the Flower Head

Did you know that 'deadheading' is the term used when removing fading or dead flowers from plants? It’s essential to keeping them healthy and blooming for as long as possible.

To do this, simply pinch the flower head between your finger and thumb to remove – or if you prefer, use some gardening scissors or shears. Remember to deadhead regularly, as soon as flowers start to fade, for best results!

No Dig-gity

FYI… digging in dry weather upsets plant roots! Plus, you also run the risk of damaging the soil structure and increasing moisture loss – so during the summer season, try to step away from the shovel!

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