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Smart Tools, Right at Your Fingertips – Handy Apps for Tradespeople

Feb, 18
By Real Deals For You

We all want ways to get jobs done as effectively, and efficiently, as possible. The key to this is being able to work smarter, by carrying out tasks on the go. We’re used to using tools day in and day out – but what about a tool that most of us have in our pockets at all times, right at our fingertips?

That’s right, your smartphone. So here’s a rundown of just a few of our favourite apps for staying organised and saving time, keeping on top of dreaded paperwork and generally making your life easier.

All of them are available for both iOS and Android (with the exception of one). And the best bit? Most of them are completely FREE to use – making them ideal for sole traders or small businesses looking to work smarter, whilst keeping costs down wherever possible…


The ultimate labour app, TOOLi is FREE to use and connects tradespeople, companies and suppliers. For tradespeople, TOOLi is a fantastic platform for showcasing your skills and sourcing jobs – whilst companies can use the tool to post upcoming jobs and find contractors. The app also allows suppliers to promote special offers and products to local tradespeople and construction companies.


Used by over 500,000 workers, Joist is the number one estimate and invoice tool for contractors – which will save you time, as well as helping you win more jobs by creating a professional impression. Joist allows you to:

• Customise your estimates and invoices with your company info, logo, etc.

• Attach photos to your estimates and invoices

• Convert estimates into invoices

• Print or email estimates and invoices on the spot

• Attach a client contract and collect a signature directly on the spot

• Build a list of commonly used items/services/materials

• Manage and save your clients information

• Accept credit card and e-check payments from clients directly through the app

• Keep track of customer payments and how much you're owed

• Set your tax rates

Export everything into your accounting program – to reduce bookkeeping costs

The app is user-friendly and convenient, allowing you to stay organised and manage your invoices on the go – rather than spending evenings or days off catching up on paperwork. Joist is also FREE to use, with in-app purchases available.


Much like Joist, Fixington allows you to customise and create professional invoices or estimates on your phone – and then send them directly to customers. Unlike Joist, however, you’ll need an iZettle card reader – which needs to be bought separately (the cheapest is £29) – to take card payments.

But the app does include a simple calendar and job list designed especially for tradesmen, with everything you need at a glance – including the date and location of the job, customer details and the ability to see if they have already paid or not.

You can also browse the app and create jobs whilst offline, handy for when you have limited network access. Everything is synced with Fixington’s central server as well – so if your phone breaks or you upgrade it, you’ll be able to pick up where you left off. And it’s completely FREE to use!

Available for iOS only.


Quilder is another FREE app which allows you to create quotes, estimates and invoices. But another key feature of Quilder is the ability to create ‘shopping lists’ by searching and comparing prices of over 100,000 parts, from major building suppliers across the UK. You can even upload your own catalogue of parts, enabling you to add them directly to quotes or invoices – along with your labour charges.

What’s more, the app includes integrated route guidance, so you can find your way to a client or supplier quickly and easily.

If you’re after tools in the more traditional sense, then visit your local Real Deals for You Approved Stockist, where you’ll always find great offers on a range of quality products, by quality brands. And if you’ve found this blog useful, and you’re into social media, please share it on Twitter and Facebook using the icons below! This way we can all learn how to work smarter with just a few simple apps…
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