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Our Top 10 Must-Have Tools for Spring

Apr, 16
By Real Deals For You | 

We’re all guilty of neglecting our DIY ‘to do’ lists throughout the winter months, but with spring well and truly upon us, there really is no better time to start sprucing up your garden (and home!) in preparation for the warmer months.

So go on, crack open the long forgotten shed and see what tools are lurking in there. It’s safe to say you’ll probably be in need of a few new products to really get your home and garden into shape, so we’ve put together the following list of our top ten tools for spring which will help you do just that!


Hozelock 50m Anti-Crush Hose

A good quality hose really is a household essential, helping to make light work of watering those budding plants or washing down any mossy patio areas. Don’t forget it’s also handy for filling up any paddling pools in the summer!

It’s always worth investing in an excellent hose, as it makes all the difference when it comes to manoeuvring it around your garden – and you can’t get much better than this 50m Ultramax hose. Perfect for hassle-free hosing, it features TNT™ (Tricoflex Non Torsion) Technology to ensure the hose remains twist-free under pressure. It also features Soft and Flex technology, which not only offers excellent resistance to kinking, but also helps the hose feel lighter and more flexible, making your garden DIY just that bit easier.

This excellent Hozelock product also comes with an incredible 25-year guarantee and metal multi pattern spray gun completely free, so it’s a definite must-have this spring.

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Cuprinol Ducksback Fence and Shed treatment

A newly painted and well-maintained fence makes all the difference to the appearance of your garden, so we’d always put this at the top of the spring DIY list.

This advanced, non-drip formulation from Cuprinol means it’s never been easier to restore and enhance the appearance of tired fences – and it’s showerproof in only one hour, which is always a bonus in our unpredictable climate! If your shed is looking a little worse for wear, don’t forget that you can also use this treatment to spruce it up. The formulation is available in a wide range of colours too, so there’s no need to worry about finding one that will fit in with your garden – you could always consider giving your shed a birthday with a fresh, brighter colour to make it a quaint garden feature.


Karcher 110 Bar Compact Pressure Washer

This car and home pressure washer from Karcher really is the answer to all your cleaning needs. Lightweight and compact, it’s easily transportable and helps to reduce the effort involved in larger cleaning tasks.

Its excellent design includes a pressure switch, together with an impact-resistant, recyclable plastic casing, which prevents dirt particles from damaging the motor and pump. Alongside cleaning any patios or decking, this product can also be used for many other household tasks, such as cleaning outdoor furniture and garage doors – as well as the odd bin or two! We’ll soon be putting some further handy tips together on the many different ways you can use a pressure washer, so make sure you keep an eye on our ‘Just for You’ section.


Einhell Petrol Hedge Trimmer

Spring is a popular time of year to trim hedges – but always bear in mind that some hedges do need to be trimmed at other times throughout the year, and in different ways. Make sure you take a look at this article by Which? to find out the basics.

Whatever hedge you have, you’ll always need a powerful and reliable hedge trimmer – one that can also take care of shrubs and bushes. It’s always vital to have a cordless trimmer in your shed so you’re still able to use the tool even when there aren’t any sockets around, and this petrol hedge trimmer really is the crème de la crème. This brilliant product from Einhell really does tick all the boxes, and its two-stroke engine holds plenty of power reserves to cut thick branches too, making it a tool no shed should be without!


Black and Decker Telescopic Grass Strimmer

A strimmer is the perfect tool for dealing with tricky areas of grass that mowers often can’t, such as slopes, borders and those stubborn dense weeded patches. It’s always important to go for a strimmer with a high torque gear system, to ensure you can breeze through overgrown areas quickly and without any clogging – and this Black and Decker strimmer has exactly that. To make things even better, it also boasts a powerful 450 Watt motor - plus a Trim ‘n’ Edge® feature which allows users to easily convert from trimming to edging mode, by unlocking and twisting the pole.

Many people tend to use strimmers while dressed in every day clothes, but it really is important to also invest in other equipment such as protective trousers, grip gloves and goggles. These will all help to protect you from flying debris while using the strimmer, as well as making it a more comfortable experience.

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DeWalt Combi Drill

Everyone needs a good cordless drill around the house – and this top-of-the-range combi drill from DeWalt really is a must-have product this spring.

Combi drills can be used in a variety of different ways, and the compact, lightweight design of this DeWalt Drill means it can be easily used in confined spaces. It also has a 14-position adjustable torque control, which enables consistent screwdriving into a variety of materials with different screw sizes. If you’ve got a wide range of drilling chores throughout your home and garden this spring, you can rest assured that this drill won’t let you down – especially because it also comes complete with an extensive screwdriver bit set!

If you’d like to find out more about combi drills – and other cordless drills, take a look at our most recent blog, which will help you decide which is best for your needs.


Faithfull Pressure Sprayer

Sprayers can be used for a number of different purposes, from killing weeds and bugs, to feeding plants during their key growing months. They are an excellent tool to help tackle what can sometimes be time-consuming garden tasks, quickly and easily – and this particular sprayer from Faithfull also comes with the added benefit of an adjustable spray nozzle. This means you can control the concentration of the spray, so you can seamlessly work on both denser and sparser areas of your garden.

On top of this handy feature, this sprayer also has a lock-on trigger for continuous use, helping to reduce user effort even further and freeing up more time for watching your favourite sport on TV!


Einhell Self-Propelled Rotary Lawn Mower

With summer fast approaching, it really is time to start taking care of any unsightly lawns - and we bet there are a few! The spring season is a really important time for getting your lawn into shape, and it’s vital to remember that anything you do now will also determine your lawn’s ability to cope with drought or waterlogging in the coming months.

True to Einhell’s excellent standards, this high quality 125cc rotary lawn mower is brilliantly efficient – not to mention powerful and user friendly, even for the more extensive lawns of up to 1,400m². Thanks to its central 9-level cutting height adjustment facility, this lawn mower has also been built with precision in mind and can easily adjust to individual requirements. Together with its rear-wheel drive and folding ergonomic handle, it’s safe to say this mower will help make very light work of even the most overgrown lawns.


Roughneck Ultimate Mortar Gun

This isn’t called the ‘ultimate’ mortar gun for nothing – it really is the best in terms of quality and versatility, with its ability to be used across a number of applications.

Complete with a heavy-duty ratchet mechanism with a high thrust ratio, this innovative tool is an ideal choice for re-pointing and filling applications, such as for walls and patio slabs. This gun can also be used as a grouting; bulk loading and caulking gun, so you can rest assured you are getting your money’s worth with this first-class product.

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Roughneck Level and Tape Measure Set

This handy Roughneck set puts two premium products together, making it perfect for both DIY lovers and professional tradesmen – so make sure you don’t get caught without a top quality level and tape measure for your home and garden projects this spring! The level and tape come with a range of user-friendly features, including the level’s easy to see vials and impact-proof end caps, together with the 5m tape measure’s shockproof non-slip rubber case.

Remember, it’s always important to invest in a high quality tape measure and level, as they will make all the difference to the many upcoming DIY projects!

All these fantastic products are available from your local Real Deals for You Stockist, so make sure you get your hands on them before spring is over! To find your nearest stockist, please click here.
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