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Take on the Task: Best Brands for the Job!

Mar, 23
By Real Deals For You

At Real Deals for You, we are proud to have the industry’s biggest names on board - with every brand from Stabila to SCAN bringing something unique to the table. So, whether you’re in need of expert measuring devices or the ultimate safety wear, discover which manufacturers are equipped with the right tools to take on your specific task or requirement!

If you’re looking to MEASURE…turn to STABILA.

Connected to the building industry for over 100 years, Stabila has paved the way for innovation in measuring equipment – developing numerous patents, while demanding the highest levels of quality throughout its extensive history.

Thanks to the its innovation, Stabila has become not only a market leader in Germany, but one of the most important manufacturers of folding rules, spirit levels and laser-assisted measuring instruments in the world. So, if you’re looking to measure up, Stabila has well and truly earned its stripes!

If you’re looking for LIGHTING…turn to LIGHTHOUSE.

Whether on the site or on the move, Lighthouse is your go-to lighting brand, with a range of products for all applications - from dependable lamps to elite torches and headlights.

To complement its incredible selection of torches, Lighthouse also offers a great choice of superior quality batteries to keep them charged for every occasion! Just a few of the reasons why Lighthouse continues to shine.

If you’re looking for WORKWEAR…turn to SCAN.

Prioritising user comfort and long-lasting service, SCAN caters for the demands of professional users and DIY enthusiasts – protecting them in the most extreme environments.

From building and construction to maintenance and associated industries, its range is designed to ensure your safety where personal protection is either required or recommended. When it comes to DIY, you’re always better safe than sorry! So put your faith in SCAN for every task.

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