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Winter is Coming: Working Through the Weather

Oct, 19
By Real Deals For You

With the arrival of our Christmas campaign, it’s safe to say that summer is well and truly behind us. However, as much as we love Christmas, the festive spirit can run a little dry when it comes to arriving for work in freezing temperatures and rainy conditions!

So much so, we thought we’d address how to battle through the colder months and improve productivity on site…

Get Organised

Whilst colder temperatures do little to keep staff motivated, chilly environments also fail to work well with on-site materials. Take cement, for example – to reach its full strength, supplies must be mixed at 4°C or above.

Knowing the limits your materials can withstand is essential for boosting productivity on site. Get ahead of the game and know what’s in store for the week ahead – if the UK is anything to go by, it could be a mix of hail storms and arctic conditions, all within the space of 7 days!

Layer Up

Whilst it’s vital to load up on weather appropriate clothing, we’re well aware that anything too thick can be restrictive – trying to manoeuvre a hand saw whilst wearing thick leather gloves always proves tricky!

Opt for layers which you can take on and off easily to make sure you can go about your day with as little inconvenience as possible.

Raise Spirits

When winter nights come creeping in as early as 3pm, team morale can take a dive when it feels like bed is calling!

In our experience, the two ways to keep staff happy are as follows:  1. food and 2. heat. Even if the outside is freezing, there are steps you can take to warm up working environments – heated tools, indoor heaters, even little hand warmers can go a long way!

Boost Efficiency

Whilst heating supplies can prove costly, making use of energy supplies will reduce avoidable expenses.

Removing unnecessary cooling systems in the winter, or patching up roofs so that heat doesn’t escape, will make your money stretch that little bit further, so you can justify investing in floodlighting or site heating - and keep staff work more efficiently for longer!

For sure, winter can be a brutal time of the year, but applying these simple tips and tricks should keep you warm this coming season – in more ways than one! Head over to our product section to explore the products that can help combat the colder climates.

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