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Winter Warmers: Read Roughneck’s Guide to Cutting and Splitting Firewood!

Feb, 22
By Real Deals For You

Soaring gas prices mean we’re all looking for more effective and affordable ways to stay warm this winter. However, lighting the fire isn’t always as easy as it looks – and preparing the firewood takes far more than simply swinging an axe or firing up a chainsaw!

Everything from equipment choice and usage to seasoning and storage are all key factors to consider when trying to chop top quality logs. That’s why we’re thrilled that Roughneck has put together this quick and simple guide to cutting and splitting firewood, with a number of handy tips for getting your logs fire-ready!

Read Roughneck’s ‘Rough Guide to Cutting & Splitting’ here:

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And if you like what you see, you can learn more about the brand and explore our extensive range of Roughneck products!
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