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Keeping the tool trade local



1/3 of tradesmen have experienced tool theft. For our industry, this proves to be more than just an annoying inconvenience - 72% of tradesmen are later forced to take time off work, resulting in significant financial repercussions.

To highlight the scale of the problem, Simply Business are setting off to the Houses of Parliament to bring attention to the issue. 84% of you think that the government should be doing more to prevent tool theft, so they’re on the way to have your voices heard – in a billboard van, of course!

They’re calling for tighter regulations when it comes to the selling of second hand tools, whilst also striving for greater minimum fines for those convicted of tool theft. To show your support, sign the petition to bring these issues to Parliament’s attention – 100,000 signatures are needed to get the ball rolling!

Come together to raise awareness, stop criminals in their tracks and #StampOutToolTheft – our industry needs you!

Take The National Home Improvement Month Challenge

April is National Home Improvement Month. Which means there’s no better time to dig out the paintbrushes and spruce up your skirting boards or give your living room a fresh lick. For some added motivation, you could even take the National Home Improvement Month Challenge. Just pick a room in your home… and improve it. It doesn’t have to be a big project. But there are prizes available for the most exceptional transformations. Just make sure you share your ‘before and after’ pics on social media using #makeonechange. Visit homeimprovementmonth.co.uk for more details.

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